Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day 2 of our West Coast trip - May

Day 2

The cold air took my breath away as I hit the road at 7.45am. Dawn was breaking and birds of all kinds were accompanying me as I passed. Or would they just be scattering away due to the noisy bike?! Most of the way was dusty gravel, paved with corrugated patches, potholes and deep, loose sand.

Yet the concentration could not dampen my spirits. I was on my way to meet a great friend I had not seen for ages. We were going to meet at the foot of a mountain (where I would leave my bike) and then have a picnic up in the mountains.

Filling up at the single petrol pump in the small town of Redelinghuys, the clouds made beautiful patterns around the rising sun.
Once at the meeting point, I discovered I could not leave my bike there and made my way up the steep rocky little road. Thankfully my dad did not come along, as the road became severely technical and the first part might have had him down already.

The road turned and twisted around the hillside, climbing fast. At some places there were openings in the rocks only large enough for a vehicle to go through.

Right at the top we reached the private nature reserve that could also accommodate guests in wooden huts scattered around.

It was after 11 by the time we had settled down and found a really nice spot to sit and visit. Overlooking the immense valley and just making out the St Helena bay in the distance, we had coffee and rusks right on top of the mountain. The rock formations were exquisite and I loved visiting out in nature. Unfortunately we both had to get back soon and the long trek up the mountain had gobbled up most of our time.

But the views and company was well worth the ride out!

By now the sun was baking and I made my way back much faster than I came. I noticed an awesome mural passing the town again. Done in the form of a little house, the painted windows were actually the real windows! 

I got home sweaty, dusty and… happy! And the evening was closed off with a lovely sunset.

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