Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 2

Rather late than never!

This morning was a very late and relaxing start. I loved the ride through the Langkloof and cannot fathom why we do not take this route more often? It is not only a genuinely good, smooth road, but one rides all down the kloof (valley), with the two mountain ranges on either side of you. Never broader than a km or 2, the road hugs one of the two sides constantly, giving an amazing feeling of closeness, yet far enough away to enjoy the beauty. As a fruit growing region, one is constantly reminded about it by the masses of orchards in full bloom. And when not that, then the lush green fields with sheep and cattle and plenty of dams and rivers. I was in awe of the spectacular beauty of this region!

In Kareedow I came accross this lovely old motorcycle - wished someone wanted to take if for a spin with me!!

In spite of being advised to turn back to the N2 at Kareedow, I opted for the quieter road on to Humansdorp. I met up with a super cool friend in Louterwater. She encouraged me to take the other route and I am so thankful for that! From Humansdorp I got the wind from behind – Yeahhh!! After a bite to eat and some fuel for Wedwo (my bike’s name – and yes, he is a male, not female!), I got directions to Jeffrey bay. I skirted the sea a little, but everything is built up along the coastline.
Then I took the R102 – an old road I was told is not in good shape and out of the way. A bit icky – Now what better words to use to encourage a girl like me?! And guess what? The highlight of my day!! Awesomeness I have not encountered for a while. The road starts off through the farms; you cross a single lane bridge and hit the short, sharp bends of the Van Stadens Pass. Ohh boy, was it stunning! Typical ever green Tsitsikamma vegetation, adding the mountains and then stretches of riding under a canopy of trees and Tarzan ropes – a site to behold!! Biker heaven and I am doing it again on my way back, come hell or high water!!

In the end, I only did 30 km of National road so far and really glad we have such wonderful roads so close to the N2. I am spending the night with a 2nd cousin I have never met – how great was that?! Both her and her husband received me with open arms and we spent all evening chatting.

The place I was staying has been flooded for 9 weeks!

I am looking forward to the trip tomorrow, where most of it will be along the coast – wonder how much sea I will see?!

Distance today: 278km
Total distance:  631km


  1. Great to hear you are enjoying your trip and all is going well.
    The road less traveled is usually the true bikers paradise.

  2. I cannot agree with you more! You obviously know what you are talking about!!

  3. Amazing photos!

    Sounds like you are having a blast! I have been doing a little off road riding with my Guy! It is fun to go on the roads no one else takes! We even went down hill without the motor on, so much fun and quiet! You should try it if you get the chance!


    1. Afraid the areas where I am riding, the motor is often my securest brake - don't quite want to break my next just yet! Remember my terrain has a lot of loose gravel, stones and rocks, with a heavy load, the brakes are not sufficient to stay safe.
      But so glad you are getting out on the back roads - sound fantastic!

  4. hey, girl. wonderful pictures and the way you write adds to the picturesque description of your sights. glad you having a good time. yes, tsitsikama is a beautiful drive. enjoy.....

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments. Looking forward to more of the Tsitsikamma on my way back!