Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day 3

By 8.30 I was on the road – meant to leave by 8am, but for some strange reason it takes me absolutely AGES to get all the luggage tied up and secured. After leaving PE there was quite a bit of road works.  PE absolutely lived up to its name – the windy city!
Hitting the coastal road up to East London was fantastic! Rolling green hills and vegetation typical of the Eastern Cape. And between the valleys and trees, a glimpse of the ocean now and again.

I went in to Bushmansriver, as that is the area I remember visiting as a kid – my mom grew up there. Almost still looks like it did almost 40 years ago! Narrow roads, lined with lovely houses and beautiful gardens. If I were not living where I do today, THAT would be the town I would like to retire to! And the entrance has flowering bright red Coral trees on both sides of the road welcoming you!

I met up with another cousin in Port Alfred, and as I was leaving, with his sister too, that I have not seen in almost 30 years! An Egyptian goose and little ones were close by and lovely to look at.

The ride from Port Alfred was difficult due to not only potholes and animals on the road – I saw more trucks in the 150kms I rode there than all the way from Cape Town to Jhb!! Trucker’s highway!! Albeit that, a stunning road with twisting and winding hills closer to East London. A glorious ride for a twisties addict like myself.

I have met up with my friend and after we went and did some shopping, we have been sorting stuff, changing tyres and packing (and myself – re packing of course!).  All is ready for the ride into the unknown tomorrow. As my heart is thumping from nerves, it is beyond excited to see something new again. Most of the day will be on gravel and I have a heavy load, but I believe all will be well and there awaits another adventure on me!!



  1. Great pics.
    You be careful and don't haul more than you can handle eh?

  2. Thanks Bikerboy - I believe I do have a bit much, but the bike is coping very well!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip you are taking! Maybe Bushmansriver can be your home away from home! :) I love going back to where I grew up and see how things have changed.

    Cool that you can meet and see these cousins you haven't seen in a long time or not even at all! I have a few cousins I would like to see again.

    Wonderful pictures as well! I love how packed your bike is! Just be careful riding with all that stuff!

    Have fun!


    1. Thanks, I have been enjoying meeting up with the family! Yes, load is quite large! But the bike has been handling it extremely well and has not really affected my riding as I thought it might!
      Thanks for popping in!

  4. nice to see all this family you have never met. again, wonderful pictures and writing, jinx. please be safe on the next leg.....your bike is carrying very precious cargo! and i am not talking about your luggage...

    1. I am riding really carefully. Thanks for your concern! All is going very well!