Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 11

Today was the weirdest day of my trip. I had emotions of absolute fear and frustrations go over into euphoria and elation as the day grew on. The tummy bug is still with me and I did not get much sleep. Just before 5am when I came out the bathroom, I saw my friend was up and about and went and got into her bed and chatted while she got herself ready for her husbands return from over seas.  With only 150km to go, I gave myself 3 hours to do the trip, knowing it involved a dirt road pass of over 80km. Plenty of time, so I made a late start and only left around 11.
One of the Wild dogs had explained that I take a turn-off in Knysna and I used Google maps the previous evening to make sure I will find the right road. As added security, I told the GPS where I was heading and lo and behold – was that thing not determined?!?! Kept showing me where I should U-turn, to go back the 60km I have come from to take the route via George to Uniondale. There were also so many little forest roads that I started loosing my bearings. After following a Digger Loader at 7 kms per hour through the length of a squatter camp, I was fairly uneasy about my where abouts. After traverse sing about for well over an hour, I phoned my dad in desperation, hoping he could help me figure out how I can make the GPS take me the next 60kms over the mountain to the next town, in stead of 160km around! At that moment a truck came by and I could get directions – I was actually at the right road and could leave from there. – sighhh of relief!

Although a broad and beautifully kept road, it was wet and dangerously slippery. After my little “put-down” a few days earlier, I was pretty terrified of having to try and lift my bike on my own, so took it very slowly. The most awesome and stunning road and scenery unfolded before my eyes! Plantations of pine, indigenous forests and ferns all along my way. Till I hit the mountain passes and what a sight to behold?! Absolutely stunning!

The road became a single track with a huge warning that no heavy vehicles may pass and I soon started to understand why… But before that reality hit home, I almost rode into a huge truck trying to go up the mountain?!? It was barely moving, and the tyres were off the road on both sides! It took me over 20 minutes of eating dust behind him before there was enough space for me to get past! Some 10 minutes further I started hitting the shortest of hairpin bends I have ever ridden – NO WAY that interlink will ever get through there! Just further on up the pass the road had washed away a piece of the mountain side and a small vehicle would hardly be able to pass!

After hitting one beautiful spot and scenery after the next, I cam across this little place nestled into the mountains, called Angies C Spot. I went in and had a cold glass of … ermmm… Blue Energade! We had a bit of a chat. I told them about the interlink and they said it happens once every 6 months or so... This driver is costing his owner over 100grand in recovery fees, as a tow-in truck must come from Humansdorp (guess about 250km?) then go around the mountain and reverse down from the other side to get it out! Glad I passed before it was totally stuck!

Riding higher again, I hit the mist and what a lovely sight that was! It was cold up there and the scenery changed to masses of yellow protea bushes and the indigenous fynbos!
All in all, this Prins Albert’s pass is a must for any biker! Any vehicle for that matter!! One new and exiting scene and road upon the next!! I ended up having one of the most thrilling days of the trip and so glad I did not just turn around and take the tar road as I almost felt like doing at one stage in the morning! Well worth it!

Tomorrow night I see hubby!! I cannot wait!


  1. what a day for you! i am so glad that what started off as a puzzlingly scared and lost little girl ended up as a girl mesmerized by the beautiful scenery you were so looking forward to. (notwithstanding the truck!) i am thrilled for you, jinx. one more day to go! carefully does it......

  2. Yes, what a relief it was the way this day turned out! Could have gone any way and I am just so happy it worked out for me!