Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day 10

I slept in till 8am – well…. I had 2 cute Alsatians looking in on me and tying to snuff me out of bed from about 6am, but still, the lie in was good. Feeling much better than the previous day, I was still not up to any adventurous riding. My friend had left for work and the 2 dogs kept me company while I did some stuff on the laptop and then made a slow exit. The daunting 6km stretch of gravel from the previous evening was suddenly much easier and even prettier than when I came in. And boy, did I see a lot of horses! And lushes green fields, dams and forests.

Went on to Knysna, where I spent some time chilling in the Mugg and Bean, getting onto the internet and having a small bite to eat. Although feeling much better than the previous day, I still felt fragile and not too keen on a lot of food.

As I was leaving Knysna, there was a soft drizzle coming down. It did not last long, but I had hoped to catch sunset over the lakes, but too overcast and cloudy for that. I have to return the same way and hope things look better in the morning.

I spent a great time with my friend, eating some more! She has the knack of rustling up the most delicious food from what she calls scraps!

Although I was disappointed not being able to do all the passes I really hoped doing, I also know that it would not be safe taking on roads when I don’t feel quite up to it. Does seem as if I am getting better and the next trip through the mountain to Uniondale will be great!  For someone who never gets ill, this was a real wake-up call to appreciate one’s health while you have it! – And maybe have a bit more sympathy for those who always seem to have some or other pain – it might really be serious….


  1. hi, girl. so glad you are feeling better. no you must get completely better, ok? again, i love your pictures and it was so nice to chat to you, albeit for a very short time. take care, jinx, and be safe on the road.

    1. Yes, feeling much better and thanks so much for the tinkle, it was awesome to hear from you along the way! Thanks!