Sunday, 30 September 2012


First of all, I must admit that this trip exceeded any expectations I had. To be honest, I was not sure what I was hoping for other than seeing part of my country I have not seen, having a good time on my bike and maybe meeting a few more friends at the Wild Dog Bash.

I was severely impressed with my tires, not planning to, but getting all my money’s worth – VAT included – out of them! Having a friend turn out to be a stunning riding companion and helping make the trip unforgettable – thanks Abie, you were awesome and I always felt safe with you! In the end, the riding was superb, the scenes breathtaking and the experience something never be forgotten!

A dream come true! Standing in Lundeans Nek Pass!
 Things I have learnt (and NOT learnt) during my trip:

  1. Riding a heavily loaded bike on gravel is easier than when it is has no load.
  2. I enjoyed doing the solo thing, having my own time and schedule.
  3. A “she-wee” is an irreplaceable must for any woman in riding gear.
  4. Once you understand the thing, a GPS can be the best traveling accessory.
  5. Panty liners can be a substitute for underwear!
  6. The beauty of a country lies not only in its scenery, but also in its people (and goats and cattle!)
  7. Knobbly tires CAN do 20 000kms!
  8. Having a friend as a good traveling companion is a HUGE bonus and can make all the difference.
  9. 5 Imodium’s are NOT a solution for a tummy bug!!
  10. A long hard day has nothing to do with the distance you travel.
  11. BMW surely must be the best, no nonsense bike out there when it comes to comfortable, but rough riding!
  12. Springtime is a wonderful time to see parts of this country.
 What I did not learn:

  1. Why someone would still try and hitch hike while a bike, loaded to the hilt, passes?
  2. Why a GPS insists on taking the best route, in spite of the suggested route being ignored for 60km and then still rather taking you back 3 times further?
  3. Why someone who has slept enough, feels to wake every single other soul by revving his bike and shouting at 6 in the morning?
 What I will do differently on the next trip:

  1. (Try) to get away earlier in the mornings, for any eventuality.
  2. Have anti-acids CLOSE by and handy!
  3. Find a less time-consuming way for taking pics.
  4. Try and travel without needing the extra luggage of tent, mattress and sleeping bag.
My wish list: (so if you have any of this 2nd hand to sell at a good price, please let me know!)

  1. A good (blue tooth?) GPS.
  2. Legs a few inches longer (or a bike a few inches lower – hint hint Geoff and Nolene!)
  3. The Drift HD 1080 – a super snazzy new device for taking pics and videos
  4. Soft pannier luggage – shortening the time spent tying and unfastening luggage every day.
Experiencing the beauty of my country from my motorbike has been one of my most rewarding experiences yet! I want to thank my husband and folks for being there for me and letting me go, in spite of being so worried about my safety. I cannot wait to take on the next adventure!


  1. I am so glad it all went good...To think I was very close to you during had stock taking in shops nearby there...I was in Oudtshorn at about 7.30 am(had to get up at 5am!!) And then we checked the stock..From there we went to Calitsdorp , was a nice warm day by then. And then we were off to Ladysmith and checked it there and went to a place called Barrydale and checked the stock of twoo shops there. It took us almost the whole day. We only came back about 8.00pm!! Was dead on my feet!!

    1. Ooh wow! I rode through all those places - wish I knew! Could have grabbed a quick coffee somewhere!
      Shame, must have been such a long day for you guys!

  2. By the way the new look of your blog!!
    Makes it alot easier to read!!

  3. I was too scared to change it while on the trip, as I had such limited time for the pc (if something went wrong), but yes, easier to read this, right?!