Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 8

We slept in a bit today, and then went for a breakfast at the Butterflies Bistro in Hogsback. The electricity was out and we waited for over an hour for the food to pitch – just as well we were not in a hurry!

Then – as per usual, we took the winding back roads out of Hogsback. Stunning! Reminds one a bit of the Tsitsikamma. A narrow little road twisting and turning and large parts under a tree covered canopy! This is a two way, single lane, and due to the bike’s noise and the helmets, we cannot hear cars coming from the font. Unfortunately we had a huge log carrying truck accompany as all the way – we would be in front and when we stop for a pic, it would come past, just for us to try and get out the dust and a better view some while later, passing it again. And have this repeated most of our way out the forest.

Coming round a bend, Abie wanted to take a pic, but was a bit late with the camera, so asked me to go back and come round the bend again. As I was going to turn on the other side, a bit off the shoulder into some pine needles, my front wheel slipped right out under me! I did not notice all the mud on the side and gently put my poor Wedwo down in the mud! Abie run up to help and nothing was damaged or broken – well, maybe a little of the ego, as that was a suuuper silly mistake! Well, no harm done, he got his pic and I got a different pic!

This road changed over the mountains to pine forests and open grasslands for cattle. Later we stated seeing the typical rural sites of what was known as the old Ciskei some years ago. Friendly blacks waved or cheered us along, and the road became more rutted and full of potholes! The GPS had been acting up all morning and I found it strange that Abie would suddenly take a left turn onto a road with big signs saying this was not a through-fare? After a while he fortunately stopped. After flagging down a car, we discovered we were totally on the wrong road and had to turn back as we came. Fortunately for the stop, I discovered one of my straps had broken and he helped me tie down the load again. So many straps are used, that is was safe in any case, but still….

I also ate or dank something at Hogsback that did not accommodate so well with me, so being out in the sticks with no facilities close by could be stressful! Wonder if it can be a bug of some sorts? Still plagued by it, but hope it settles for the long trip tomorrow!

We hit Stutterheim in the afternoon and after filling up, headed the almost 80km back by tar, with very strong winds from the side.

I had an absolutely awesome trip with Abie. Not only is he helpful and considerate, but he had the patience of a saint with me! I would be honoured if ever we could do a trip together again!

Tomorrow back to tar – sniff sniff! My oil leak is still there and the back tire suddenly looks a bit worn – will have to keep a close eye on it! All in all, the Wild Dog Bash was a fantastic experience, and getting there and back is what really made it for me – Thanks Abie, for looking after me so well and taking me on all the adventurous tracks!!


  1. Hi Jinx!

    It's Francois here! My dad(Colin) and your dad are here laughing our heads off at your slide on the pine needles! We are very happy that you were not hurt! The photos we have seen look wonderful! It looks like you are having a fantastic time!

    See you!

    Francois and the two dads!

    1. Hey Fancois! Wow! Been ages cuz! So sorry to be missing you! At least I won't have laughing in my face! My dad knows I am a bit short for the bike, so it was more of a drop than a fall! Nice to hear from you!

  2. hey, jinx. what a fabulous little cottage! looks like something out of a fairy tale. i am so glad that you are ok from your fall! it happens so quickly - without any warning. glad that wedwo is also ok for he has to bring you home! again, what lovely pictures and very descriptive writing. i am really enjoying all your posts. look forward to the next one. take care, girl, and continue enjoying yourself. life is a highway, i want to ride it all night long.......

    1. That was a pretty little place - 1360 butterflies all over the place, they had just run a competition to guess the amount!
      Glad you are enjoying the posts and thanks for commenting so regularly - I appreciate it!

  3. Hope you are okay after your spill!

    Sounds like your ride is going better than you expected! I love all the wonderful photos you are posting!


    1. Thanks Debs - wish I could post all the pics - there are soo many and I just cannot choose which to place and which to leave!