Wednesday, 2 October 2013

NAMIBIA Day 4: Grunau – Keetmanshoop – Koes - Gochas

Day 4
Grunau – Keetmanshoop – Koes - Gochas

I was up early enough to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. 

Although a cold night, I slept warm and woke to birds singing and a red sun rising in the distance. 
We met up with Nic at the White house and left around 8.30. Not having anything to eat or drink, we had a picnic on the way just before Keepmanshoop.

Toni giving Nic some of his Espresso
The red dunes near Koes

There we turned onto gravel, rode past the Quiver tree forest and Giants playground (masses of huge heaps of stones – looks almost like it was put there by someone – yet way too huge!).

The Quiver forrest

Thorn bushes where ever we look!

Nic and Toni discussing the route again

Notice the large birds nests to the right!

The road started getting very difficult due to lose gravel and huge middelmannetjies (central ridge). This meant I was standing for ages and a girl (a very unfit girl!) can only take so much! Hardly sat down and I hit one at a bad angle and started to loose control. For some moments my life was flashing past me and I wondered if hubby would remember I had funeral insurance. Forgetting all I had learnt, I was all over the place and realized my whole trip I had been saving up for years and years was coming to a crashing halt – literally!

I stood up, looked up and let the throttle ease a bit and suddenly had control again. Tony made me stop and I was shaking like a reed. Lesson learnt! From there, any sign of danger, I would be up out my saddle.

Yep, thats how I felt!

More red dunes

To be able to hear Toni over the headset I had to stay pretty close – in his dust. Once I lose him, it means reconnecting and hand off the handlebar, which I didn't want to do, so eating dust and only concentrating on the road in front of me was frustrating.  This day was taxing and stressful!!

 Something strange in the tree?
Birds nests!! With a difference!
We rode over beautiful red dunes near Koes, saw a herd of horses stampeding up to us and then right past us – come to think of it, saw horses a few more times, but not as dramatic. The highlight: We saw a Bush pig chase a large baboon. Some awesome sights! Unfortunately my cam, once again was not taping when that happened.

Some horses accompanying us

Dusty but beautiful road

On the road as the sun starts setting

Getting to our campsite as the sun is setting

Unpacking the tents

A cow came to inspect and see if the tents were up properly

Toni eating pasta and too tired to smile!

We took way more hours to do the almost 400 km’s and arrived at the Aub campsite just outside Gochas as the sun was setting. Tired to the bone and totally drained of energy, we barely stayed awake to eat (Pasta and sauce) and dropped off to sleep as soon as we had a shower. 

Sun rising over our tents
A lot of dust and difficult riding conditions make me wonder why I love taking gravel roads!?!

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