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NAMIBIA Day 9: Solitaire – Maltahohe – Helmeringhausen

Day 9
Solitaire – Maltahohe – Helmeringhausen

My first Movie!

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Once again (am I going to start EVERY single day’s trip report with these words?) we got away later than planned. Just as we were ready to leave Toni got a phone call from work he had to attend to. Sometimes, just sometimes, I am not the only reason we struggle to get away on time.


Mini Table Mountains
The lovely morning took us back on familiar roads, yet getting hot and dusty pretty quick. Or maybe it just had something to do with the fact that it was almost the middle of the day.

Eating at the Pappot 

We got to see more and more mountainous areas and slightly more vegetation. By the time we got to Maltahohe, the sun was beating down on us and we were parched. Yeah, we did not have enough water with us. Before even turning into the little town, we had kids begging us for money. While filling up we started chatting to a friendly guy who had a whole lot of bikes on a trailer behind his mini bus. Turns out he has some tourists on bikes in the area and he’s on his way to collect them from Solitaire. What he also had was a freezer/fridge with ICE cold water. He gave us some and we gulped it down like starved little orphans. Once again kids and grownups alike were standing around and begging for food and money.

On the stoep of the Pappot, eating chips and buns

Down the road we bought some (not so fresh) buns and a packet of chips with another large bottle of water and enjoyed chips on the dry buns on the stoep of the little cafe called the Pappot! After the 3rd group of kids came asking for money, I went in and bought them a loaf of bread, hoping to eat my food without feeling guilty by the hungry stares. Needless to say, it enticed even more little faces to come out the woodwork!

The end is in sight
We were told of – and looking forward to - lovely lawns and a great camping site at Helmeringhausen. So great was our disappointment once we got there after another few hours of hard riding, to discover the only bit of grass was against the fence along the main street. It did feel a bit exposed so we opted for the back yard, sharing our camping space with goats and ducks. We were camping on a farm where our hot water was made by a donkey (wood-burn geyser) – surprisingly fast, I must admit!

Yep, stunning
Toni is getting his tent unpacked
They Donkey - for making hot water
Best side of a donkey
Tent up as the sun goes down

And this is where I will be sleeping

Since we were the only campers and had 2 bathrooms to ourselves, I opted for not taking my tent out and made myself comfortable in one of them. My mattress on the cement floor and my own personal shower and toilet! Pretty luxury I thought, plus I did not have to get my tent folded up next morning – hopefully get away earlier THIS time?
A neighbour

The camping spot


Some more of our neighbours

Because of the mountains and leafless trees, the sunset was begging for pics to be taken! The whole farm setup was interesting and something quite different to what we have had so far. I loved the goats and especially their kids.
The back yard

An old car at the entrance

More pieces coming off Brutus



Toni rather scrapes sand away than parking his bike on harder ground to oil the chain.

A little lizard catching insects on the other side of the window

With no lights or electric outlets anywhere, we decided on Salticax and mussels for supper, rinsed down with beer and espresso – yes please, don’t ask. What I DO know is that my body is craving for something slightly more than starch and carbs by now…

The cat and Toni have the same expression!

Ahh better, a nice smile

Yet I had a great day and munching with the awesome colours of the setting sun and stunning surrounding made me calm and content. OK, the fact that I don't have to get a tent packed up the next morning might also have had something to do with it….

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