Saturday 31 August 2013

My long-anticipated Namibian trip!

At last! I am just about to leave. All is ready and packed and the nerves are pretty raw – Exhilarated and scared at the same time!

So many things had to fall in place, get changed, bought or fixed and in the end, all has worked out.

Doing the wiring for an additional cigarette lighter plug

Firstly, I have a different bike. My trusty Wedwo has been replaced with a slightly newer bike called Brutus! This black steed has a lower suspension and I can actually touch the ground with the tips of my toes! Great! Except for the lower mileage, he is in the same class as Wedwo.

The other great news is that I have (at last) got my dream action camera. Thanks to awesome service I got the Drift HD1080 through Action Gear  and what a sweet deal I got! Most of my footage of the coming trip will be taken by this camera.

For this Namibian experience I am joined by Toni, my vertically challenged Italian friend riding a very high KTM 990 and for the first few days, my previous “co-biker” Abie. Unfortunately he has to turn back, but we will then be met by another friend just across the border.
Don't ask!!
Brutus lost a bracket of the side stand and left me in the lurch on a previous ride. In the meantime a new bracket has been made, he has been for his long-distance-all clear-check-up and now packed and ready to be mounted! We will be camping or staying with friends most of the way. I just hope the icy Cape weather stays behind as I don’t think freezing to death in a tent is part of the package deal!
Packed and ready to leave!

So here’s to leaving on a new and exciting adventure – my bike, my curiosity and my spirit of adventure!
Carpe Diem!!