Who am I

This is me...

I am sane (most of the time!), mischievous, uncomplicated and (very) humorous. A gadget-freak who loves conspiracy theories, the outdoors, hugs, cycling, listening and playing music, brave people and fun with friends. Love my husband, cats and chickens.

 I would like to show my beautiful valley to anyone interested - meet and take some new riding buddies around, male or female, normal or nuts - I am half crazy myself, so if you are too, we will get along great!

I appreciate the small things in life. Also enjoy thought-provoking and stimulating conversation. I love sunsets, full moons, stars on a dark night, thunderstorms, mountains and the smell of rain. I looove my motorbike and get a thrill out of the fresh air racing past my face and the feeling of freedom when on the bike! The time for thinking and contemplating is best. Been a Tour Guide for many years, so love everything about my country.

Although I am all about adventure and squeezing every inch out of life, my riding style is as follows:

  • Back roads and places the normal guy never sees – my favourite!
  • Technical routes that challenge the nerves – yesss! (but not when I'm alone)

  • I prefer the longer trips, especially if I have the time to see everything.
  • Riding slowly to appreciate the views and stop enough to capture it all on film.
  • The best is riding with my favourites buddies and sharing the experience.

Bragging rights

    1. Made it to 21 - TWICE - without breaking my neck or getting into (serious) trouble! 
    2. Conducted the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra once - OK OK, I had noo idea what I was doing and was willingly forced into it. Nevertheless, a good laugh. 
    3. I survived falling 3 times in one day, riding a dirt road at night in the rain and endured 5 days of rain and mud - all on one trip. And guess what... I'll do it all over again, in a heartbeat! 
    4. I can play the keyboard, guitar, trumpet and recorder, but don't have a single musical bone in my body. I cannot keep a beat or sing in tune. 
    5. As the most fortunate girl, I have the bestest parents and family in the world.

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