Wednesday 27 November 2013

The End: Last Days of my NAMIBIAN adventure

Day 12 & 13:  Ai Ais - Springbok - Lambertsbaai - home

A regular visitor
The next day we left just after 8 (almost on time!) and made our way through the last parts of Namibia.

Our campsite

Our life savers who brought us some meat over

Departing Ai Ais

Back through the beautiful mountains

Once again through the same mountains and beauty as we came in. One specific corner I wanted to check out, as I had almost bought quite a sharp bend (and the rocks to its side!!) as we were trying to make up time on the way in. I wondered if it was my haste, or a really serious bend or just silly me who, after more than 4000kms of dirt road could not take a decent turn in the road? To my relief there was plenty lose sand and a fairly nasty corner if one came from the other side. Then again, as much as I loved this country, I would preferably get home in one piece, without having to show off the property I accumulated along the trip!

On the moon? No, not quite!
Our last stop with sand, endless, awesome sand.

Growing in the middle of nowhere

Our last picnic in Namibia

With a heavy heart I got to the border. I was leaving behind a place that had touched my heart and I was determined to come back some day! Shortly after the border we came across some beautiful flowers along the way. Stretching as far as the eye could see. Unfortunately we left the good weather behind with the flowers. After Springbok, we stayed over in Lamberts bay. A nice little fishing village where we bought fish and chips from the corner cafĂ©. We went and ate it on the beach in cool and cloudy conditions - out of the paper bag. 

At the border

Spring flowers

Flowers as far as the eye could see

The following morning the weather became worse and we rode in rain. We stopped to refuel at Piketberg and have something hot to drink at the Spur. Drenched and freezing we each needed a second cup to defrost. I asked permission to eat the sandwiches we had made that morning – from bread we still bought in Ai Ais. The rain washed away our plans to have a picnic along the way!

Our paths parted at Piketberg and I had to say goodbye to the wonderful riding buddy I had for the last week or two.  I spent the following few hours battling strong winds and rain in the storm I was facing all the way home. But maybe the storm was worse inside me?

Chips on  the beach

Our last day in Namibia brought the strangest feeling over me. I had fallen in love with this arid, barren country. The vastness and variety appealed to me as I drank up its beauty every day. That morning we made our way through the mountains and later over the open plains towards the border, I felt close to tears. While lapping up the last bit of the magnificence it dawned on me that shortly I would be facing reality again.  Daily life and stress I could put aside while in the saddle of my trusty steed. Worries I could put aside because I had more beautiful things to see and experience while being in a country that sneaked in under my skin. I have to go back! Soon!

The end of an awesome trip!

My next post will be a summary of my experience of this awesome trip and some of my favourite pics. Stay tuned!


  1. Whoa! Nice Pics.
    Hope you will be writing a detailed travelogue soon.

  2. Great pictures and adventure. I lived in SA from 75 till 85 when I moved to the USA. I still have friends in Durban and one day I will go back just so I can ride my bike to Namibia and along the western coast of SA.
    You just followed me on Google plus and I followed you back. You should also follow my other page on Google+, I did a trip to Alaska last year and I've been writing about on my blog here
    If you ever visit the US let me know :-)
    I will be reading more of your blog later.