Wednesday 23 October 2013

NAMIBIA Day 11: Ai Ais - Rest day

Day 11 Ai Ais

After a gruelling (almost) 2 weeks we decided to spend a day at Ai Ais. This is where a lovely hot water spring with campsite is situated beyond the Fish River canyon. I woke to the twitter of birds and a peacefulness that I just soaked up for a while. It was the first time I could sleep late (as in 7am) and catch up on my blog. I even ended up falling asleep later in the morning till the sun burnt me out of the tent an hour or two later.

4 Birds sitting close together

Waking me with lovely song.

I tried working on my blog – yes, I must be honest, somehow very little writing happened on the entire trip and it was good to spend a few hours trying to get things in order. Toni had gone for a very long walk and came back with some nice pics of the (almost) dry river bed.
Fish River riverbed 

A hint of water

Been a while since there had been rain

Trying to catch up with my blogging
Bone dry
A lovely view
Lunch. Chips and smash on bread - Yeah, don't ask! I have eaten tastier before!

We went for a swim in the (so called) hot pool, but the water was barely warmer than mom’s stare after she discovered I'd taken my horse on a sightseeing trip through the house. I was also disappointed with the stock in the little shop. No bread, no meat and definitely no fresh vegetables. Since we had done extremely well with the finances and had some money left, we decided to dine out and had Oryx steak for supper. My medium-rare steak ended up well-done, but since it was meat, who’s complaining. The potatoes and veggies (yesss… veggies!) were excellent.

This guy has been cycling thousands of kms without legs

As we left for supper, some hooligans with large cars and even larger speakers for their music pitched up close to our tent. We were relieved that we would be further away while having supper, but worried how we would get sleep that night with the racket going on. Lo and behold, when we got back, there was the hugest of huge fires burning but not a soul in sight. I was not sure if they were asked to leave or had their fun for the night, as the place was strewn with empty liquor bottles and cans. Since we had not been able to have a fire for the entire trip, we each settled down on a stone and thoroughly enjoyed the glorious fire, specially lit and ready for when we got back!
Ai Ais campsite
My sentiments too!
We could not stay up too late, as the next day was once again an early start. Yet the day off gave me a good rest. In spite of the rest, I faced bed with some dread. This would be my last night in a country that had touched me in so many different ways. I hated the thought of leaving – leaving a place that had unexpectedly crept into my heart. But off to bed now – tomorrow will be a long day.
Sunrise behind my tent

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